Part of the work I did during my McKnight Book Arts Fellowship was to fund the publication of Ky Page’s book, Heirloom, under the imprint Mind the Gap Books. It is a thoughtful and humorous book that also works towards filling a gap in transgender representation in artist book collections.

Ky Page
Mind the Gap Books
Edition of 30

About the book:
Born a biological female, I was never able to see a physical representation of myself in male role models such as my father. In this book I photographed myself mimicking photographs taken of my father when he was around the same age I am today. As a transgender man, I am at a point in my transition where I can physically see myself in roles that I previously felt disconnected from. By documenting myself filling these roles, I am creating a record of this time in my life that can be passed down to my children someday, as an heirloom.

The title, Heirloom, connects both to my father’s self-owned business, Heirloom Custom Woodworks, and the word’s definition as a valuable object passed down for generations within a family.

Heirloom also calls attention to the passing on of genetics from one generation to the next. While I can now physically see myself as a father, as a transgender man I am unable to have my own biological children to pass my genes on to. There are limited and unconventional ways to create a family in the future and in creating this book I have constructed something physical that I can pass down.

Ky Page was born in 1995 in Minneapolis, MN. He holds a BFA in Photography from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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Center for Book Arts, NY
Cleveland Museum of Art, Ingalls Library
College of Saint Benedict, Clemens Library
Getty Research Institute
Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, SAIC
Minneapolis College of Art and Design Library
Museum of Modern Art Artists’ Book Library
Museum of Contemporary Photography
Pier 24 Library
Walker Art Center, Rosemary Furtak Artist Book Collection