Vessel is an artist book-work in an edition of 7. Each unique work includes one of the ceramic pots pictured in the book along with the artist book housed in a wood box. The handbound book features photographs of gardens, garden stores, statuary, ruins and the seven hand-built coil pots which take on the feeling of archeological or devotional objects.

The book is a vessel for the images, which illustrate how I experienced and framed the world. The ceramic pots are vessels in themselves and contain the history of my touch as I slowly formed the clay into shape. Old dresses, once a vessel for my body, serve as the fabric background for the photographs of the pots.

This work is also an archive of layers: photographs tipped into book spreads, spreads stacked to make the drum leaf binding purposely left exposed at the spine, coils of clay layered one at a time and smoothed to form the walls of each pot.

I began my book practice making small edition artist books by hand and after a decade of making press printed books, this work marks a return to my earlier way of making as well as a leap forward in my book practice with the inclusion of the physical ceramic object. The slow and meditative process of folding paper and binding the books, forming the pots one coil at a time and cutting wood to construct the boxes all marked my time this past year when we all were forced to slow down by the pandemic.

Ed of 7

Hand Built Stoneware Ceramic Pot

Artist Book made with twenty Archival Pigment Prints printed on Canson Platine tipped onto
Stonehenge Paper, Saint-Armand hand-made paper Cover and Stonehenge Paper text
pages printed on a Vandercook press

Poplar and Maple Wood Box
Vessel, 2021
Hand built stoneware ceramic pot and artist book (including 20 tipped in archival pigment prints and letterpress printed text pages) in a poplar and maple wood box.
Vessel Artist Book
10x8x1 inches